music video - 'circle in the sand'

Song/Artist: 'Circle In The Sand' by Belinda Carlisle

Fandom/Pairing: Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Gabrielle

Vidder: Masque


I first made this music video back in 1999. It was the music video that made me aware that I wasn't simply throwing clips together to go along with the lyrics on a song, it was when I realised that somewhere in there I was telling my own story. This video still remains my favourite of all the music videos I have made for that reason alone. I watch it and evaluate it on a critical level, where it should have been cut quicker, where maybe a different clip should have been used, but I still feel the emotion that I captured in it. I once attempted to remake it after season five and six were complete, but I just couldn't seem replicate the same feeling. So here it is, 13 years later, it may be old but recently someone reminded me that it was important.