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the weekend from hell

It was always going to be ambitious. The amount of organisation required to run a film set is phenomenal under normal cirmcumstances, and our circumstances were anything but normal. I wish that we could have had longer at the venue than what we did. I wish that the actresses could have had more time to train. I wish that we could have had more extras. And I really wish that I could have had more experience with what I was doing. But wishing doesn't make it so... so we made the best of what we did have.

I'm not even sure I want to write about what has transpired over the last four days but it was all part of the adventure. I knew there would be good days and bad days; and as much as there have been moments where I have wanted to scream and cry, there have been some moments that I want to remember because they were precious and I want to hold onto them.

The greater part of the weekends filming was about the Roller Derby and so Penny took primary directing while I stayed very much behind the scenes with the film crew. It gave me a chance to get to know who I was working with and an opportunity to learn a bit about the technical side of things. I often found myself talking with Rob (Director of Photography) about camera angles and shooting styles or even thrashing out ideas for future scenes and how we might like to film them. Between takes I would chat with Craig and Amber (Sound Engineers and Boom Operators) or Michael (Lighting Technician), it wasn't always about audio levels or ambiant lighting but it certainly kept us sane.

The moment that stands out as the highlight of the weekend was Sunday evening. The end of another long and tiring day and we need to film one of the most intense moments of the entire film. There's no dialogue involved, everything is delivered in the emotion and the expression. Working with Imogen and Logan was both exciting and interesting. Last weekend they were playful and relaxed, this weekend they were serious and stressed. The set up of the shot involved Logan having to skate into frame, transition on her wheels and hit her mark without hitting Imogen in the process and that was the easy part! The hard part was what followed.

The final shot of the whole film, the culmination of the journey that has brought these two characters to this moment. Both Logan and Imogen were practically vibrating with pent up energy and tension; during the first couple of takes all of it had to simply be released and sometimes it was frightening in its intensity. When they needed to take breaks I would watch them, fascinated in how they would chose to step out of the role for a few moments. Imogen would walk away and sit down but would always welcome company; I sat and spoke with her about how she had created the backstory of her character that informed her of how she should react in any given situation, including the one we were playing out. Logan was almost the polar opposite; we would yell cut and she would put in her earphones and skate around the track by herself. She radiated an attitude that told you to keep your distance; I made an agreement with her: I would ask 'are you okay?', 'are you ready?', 'do you need anything?' and all I required was a one word answer to whatever question I would ask and then I would leave her be. I got a brief, but thankful, nod in return. It's been a crash course in Psychology 101 this weekend!

We got through the scene. On the last take Penny didn't call cut immediately, we wanted to see where the two of them would take things off script. It involved a lunge, a tumble, a brief wrestle on the floor, and two actresses running off the set. We got them back and had them do a piece for behind the scenes, which included hugs, laughter, photographs and Imogen's exclamation of 'Oh. My. God. You're actually human!' when I finally let the tears fall.


'you want me to do what?'

A few days ago Penny mentioned that we were scheduled to do a live radio interview. So it was with abject terror that I got up early this morning and headed over to the ABC Brisbane studios. Imogen also joined us and Katie came along to provide the much needed moral, and physical, support as I face one of my most crippling fears... a live audience. I don't care if they can't see me, all I can fixate on is the fact that whatever I say can't be taken back. I like to be able to think about, edit and re-edit my answers, it's why I'm a writer!

It was with profound relief that when they asked if only two of us would participate that I hustled Penny and Imogen into the recording studio. Imogen is the star and Penny would be better equipped to deal with the type of questions that were going to be thrown out. The two of them were brilliant, able to incorporate the local Brisbane aspect into the interview, mention co-stars and invite people to come along to Beenleigh arena to be extras and have a chance to watch some free Roller Derby. Nicely done.

After another long day of planning shot lists and working out how we want to schedule the filming for the weekend we headed over to Skate Salvage to hook up with Imogen and Anna to do a photoshoot for a free newspaper called Mx (it's the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne equivalent of the Metro apparently).

While the girls change into their uniforms Penny convinces me that I should be the one of the two of us that should be in the photograph. I hate having my picture taken, I hate the way I look and I hate looking at myself, but I decided to get over myself, suck it up and bite the bullet! If I'm going to try and follow any kind of career in the entertainment industry then people might occasionally point a camera in my direction. Deal with it.

So Imogen and Anna get sassy in their skates while I skulk in the background holding a camera in order to convey that I'm the director and should really be taken seriously. Yeah, I'm not sure it worked either! But the girls looked great so who cares what I look like, besides it was fun.


i love a woman in uniform

Skate Practice (Dress Rehearsal) - Beenleigh Arena

Tonight was the last full practice before filming this weekend and the first time the two teams got to try on their uniforms. They look absolutely fabulous in them, very contrasting with the red and black Cannons against the white and green Magics. A couple of the Cannons asked if they could take their uniforms home and sleep in them. But only Imogen and Anna actually got to take them home because they have to wear them for a photoshoot tomorrow.

It was also the first time that the actresses got to take to the track with the Derby Girls who will make up the rest of the teams for filming. Each actress was paired up with a skater who could give them tips and advice on how to stand, wait and give attitude just like a real Derby Girl. I think having them skating with more experienced skaters got them to raise their game, it brought out their competative sides and they looked really good out there.

And finally I got to meet the last two members of our principle cast: Peita McCulloch and Samantha Jane Faircloth. Peita is cool and beautiful, the perfect combination for her character and the reason I wanted her for the part. Samantha used to be a figure skater, so some minor technique adjustments and she has become an amazing roller skater and there is definitely a future in Roller Derby for her if she wants it.

I was pretty impressed with what these girls have achieved in just a few short weeks of training, though I'm not sure how much my opinion counts since I can only just about manage to skate forwards and stop if there is a convenient wall around. But Penny and Sissy seemed to be happy with their progress, so I guess we're ready to start making a Roller Derby movie this weekend!


'teach me to skate backwards'

Skate Practice - Under Skate Salvage

No, I am not learning to skate. Penny took us to the parking structure under the Skate Salvage shop to see some of the actresses getting in some practice with their instructor Sissy Smackdown. Imogen was already there and lacing up her skates when we arrived, along with Miyuki Lotz and shortly after we were joined by Anna Straker and Alexis Fernandez. Miyuki is an absolute sweetheart, Alexis is very quiet and Anna is quite a character!

While Miyuki and Alexis spent most of their evening working on their 'transitions' (stop and turns), Imogen was working on her backwards skating (for some reason this involved a wall) and Anna was working on her speed (and pretending that her falls were intentional whenever we saw them happen).

We left them to practice while we discussed the need to start building the animosity between the two teams, the Magics and the Cannons. As we chatted about ideas Anna (a Magic) skates over to Imogen (a Cannon) and quite sweetly says 'teach me to skate backwards'. Penny and I heard the request and turned towards the two actresses in question. Anna looks up and sees us watching her, she takes a step away from Imogen, points an accusing finger at her co-star and yells 'I mean... FUCKING CANNON!' I think they have the hosilities under control.


we talked, we wrote, we high fived

Production Meeting - Skyline Apartments

It's great to finally be in the same room as my co-writer/co-director when we're working on the film. We waited until we could be together to discuss how we want to film the film. Our biggest problem is that neither of us have any talent or idea when it comes to storyboarding and that could lead to problems during the shoot because the storyboard gives everyone a visual cue of the look and direction of the scene. So we're going to muddle through the best way we can and for Penny and I that means writing things down. We have lists of shots - with terminology like wide, mid, close, extreme, and ideas of how we want to block the scenes - this involved drawing vague shapes in the air with our hands, twisting our bodies this way and that and jumping up and down for good measure. We know what we're talking about, now we just have to convey these thoughts to Rob (Director of Photography), I may not jump up and down so much when we do that!

I know things will get harder and the days will get longer, I know that tempers will get frayed once more elements are introduced into the mix, but right now I'm excited and looking forward to getting started properly.

Less than twelve hours off the plane and I'm on set for the first day of filming.
LOCATION: Greenslopes
CAST: Imogen Hopper and Kate Logan
SCENES: 35, 75

The Greenslopes location is a house where one of our main characters lives. It's called a Queenslander; a style of house built on struts, with wooden wall panels and high ceilings. It is exactly what I picture when I think of an Australian house.

I met Kate Logan (hereafter referred to as Logan) in the middle of the road, literally. I'd just about got out of the car when she wandered over to introduce herself. They say you can tell everything you need to know about a person within seven seconds of meeting them. I looked straight into a pair of incredible eyes that were full of mischief... oh, she is going to be a handful.

I found Imogen Hopper inside the house. I've been looking forward to meeting this young woman since the day we put out the casting call and waited for her to apply; we knew we wanted her for our film and I'm glad she felt the same way. She greets me with an amazing smile, it's happy and excited and very infectious.

The decision was made that we needed to shoot a 'regular' scene before trying to tackle the Derby Bout filming next weekend. Though I'm not entirely sure that two actresses in their underwear, laying in bed together can be considered completely 'regular', but I guess it's just another day at the office in the film world.

The chemistry between Imogen and Logan is wonderful; electric and intense, playful and cute, sexy and sensual. They're totally comfortable with each other and the relationship they are portraying; so comfortable that between takes they didn't always step out of character, constantly snuggling and 'noming' each other (noming to practice kissing without kissing, repeating the phrase 'nom, nom, nom' while snuggling into your fake partners shoulder, neck, stomach etc, verb to nom). It's actually a shame and a heartbreak that they are both straight!

So at the end of today I can say that I am happy with what we got on film. I'm already enamoured with our leading ladies. And I can finally, officially call myself a film writer and director... I may not be a good one, but everybody has to start somewhere, right?


welcome to australia

We've arrived. 23 hours on a plane, 3 hours in Singapore, 9 times zones crossed, several countries, a couple of seas and an ocean flown over. We're finally here.

Security, customs, arrivals and then I have my arms full of Penny. I love Penny hugs, makes me feel like I can steal some of her energy and creative vibe by just holding her. Damn, it's good to see my little Australian sister again.

A short drive, a quick check-in and we're settled into the apartment that will be our home for the next seven weeks. It's not bad... bedroom, bathroom, lounge/dining room, kitchenette, laundry and a balcony.

Most important feature: the shower is fantastic. (because you all needed to know that!)


a whole other country

It may still be the 23rd back in England but it's the 24th here in Singapore. We arrived safely at Changai Airport around 7ish. First order of business was to find the smoking area for Katie. We successfully followed some signs and found a little terrace with palm trees and lillies and the temperature of a sauna! Second order of business was for me to find somewhere tranquil with a breathable atmosphere... ah, a Koi Carp pool.

I've been told that there is a butterfly enclosure somewhere in the airport but right now four seats and a chance to lie flat on my back is a much more appealing attraction. So I found four seats and laid flat on my back and promptly fell asleep! Katie had to wake me up when they announced our departure gate, we made our way along the moving walkways. There was no singing, dancing or any messing around this morning, I just sort of leaned on the handrails until I fell off the end! I was so tired.



thoughts at 33,026 feet...

We've been in the air for a little over four hours and have travelled 2827 miles so far; another seven hours and 4009 miles until we reach Singapore. Apparently it is -33 degrees celsius outside.On the SkyMap we look as though we're about to cross over into night time, but I don't think it's going to be as definite as it appears on the little screen.

Until today the furthest east I had ever travelled was a family holiday to Italy when I was nine years old. So far today we have passed over Belgium (been there before), Germany (been there aswell) and then Austria, Hungary, Romania, The Black Sea, Georgia and Azerbaijan (or it could have been The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia... I can't be entirely sure as I've been asleep!) and The Caspian Sea (I bet that was nice... I was still asleep). We are currently flying over Turkmenistan, close to the border of Iran and en route to Afghanistan, but as we're nowhere near the ground I don't think I can add them to the places I've visited... maybe I can put virtual pins on to a virtual map because I was virtually there! (It's like Iceland, Greenland and Canada when I fly to Los Angeles. I've never actually been to any of those countries but they sure look pretty from above!)

>>>WHOA!!! It actually did turn dark outside that quickly!<<<

Admittedly my flying experiences are limited; I've flown to Miami with Virgin Airlines, to Los Angeles with American Airlines, to Glasgow with EasyJet and I don't even remember what airline got me to Lanzarote... but I do remember that the plane got struck by lightning on the way! Singapore Airlines is by far the best airline I have ever travelled with. The planes are bright, the crew are welcoming, the drinks are flowing, the entertainment centre is stacked, the seat backs recline and the seat slides forward a little for a bit more stretching out, the food was surprisingly good, the blanket actually covered the whole of my body, but the thing that elevated it above all other airlines I have ever flown with came down to one little detail... cup holders! So simple in it's practicality I could have weeped.



i wrote a movie...

and in just a few hours I fly to Australia to film it.

A film about Roller Derby was never how I thought I would take my first steps into the world of movie making. I know virtually nothing about the sport, the community, the people or their way of life. But thankfully my co-writer does.

A few months ago Penny approached me with an idea and a rough draft for a short film. Since then we've turned it into a feature length movie, hired a cast and crew, found locations, drawn up a schedule and now it's just a matter of making it.

I've wanted to make films since I was a child and now I'm actually going to do it. This may not be the first time, it may be the only time, but I knew that I had to grab the opportunity to make my dream happen. So yeah, I'm absolutely terrified.

Here goes...

Introducing the cast of Star Cross'd Jammers:


(Photographs by Kylie 'Stixx' Keane)

scc_vs 'arc two'

This promo was supposed to be for the second set of three episodes in the new season, but with an unexpected delay in the schedule that set episode three back a few weeks it became the promo to re-launch the series. There's only so many times I can use old footage and make it look like new footage before I start using the same footage again, so I decided to try something different. Use some images of characters that I haven't already used, incorporate some flashes of 'memories' and back it up with some thought provoking dialogue about what defines a particular character.

Also, I've seen the 'Game of Thrones' trailer one time too many!

(My favourite moment is when Cameron says the word 'heart'.)


music video - 'voyager: end game'

Song/Artist: 'An Epic Age' by Immediate

Fandom/Pairing: Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Seven

Vidder: Masque


Judgment Day 'Ghost Dancer'

I tried to write a story. I swear I did.

I made a trailer instead. I really like it.



Judgment Day Promo

The most important day in the Sarah Connor Chronicles mythos. 21st April 2011 is Judgment Day, the day the machines will turn upon us, unleash a nuclear apocalypse and end the world as we know it. So let's celebrate in style!

While the we were busy working busily away on the virtual season I happened to mention that we were closing in on the date and that we really should make something of the actual day. Of course that meant that I had to make a promo so that we could let everybody know we were making something of the day.

With some music selected and a rough idea of what I wanted to do in my head I sent an email to the crew to give me a brief summary of what their stories would be about. Here's what I got back:

inspectorboxer: My story (and Bones is writing it with me) is about Cameron being thrown back to the future in a fight (off screen) with Weaver. She finds herself completely alone - no humans and no machines. To get back to Sarah, she has to build her own time machine...

djshiva: Sarah and Cameron do what anyone in love would do in the event of a nuclear holocaust...

2headed_turtles: I can give you some 'fo for the fix IB and I are working on. It's pretty much just Cameron getting stuck in a 2026 without machines or humans, everything is destroyed. She builds her own time machine to travel back to Sarah and her family. I don't know about a promo sentence but some apocalyptic and time bubble shots would work nicely.

zennie: It's mostly Cameron/Sarah in terms of characters and no real specific focus of a story since it's a 5x story, so just a bunch of different stories rolled into one.

wkgreen: What happens when all possibilities come down to one moment?

trancer21: Mine is Sarah as the head of Ziera Corp having a belated wedding anniversary celebration with Cameron.

And then during the weekly chatroom meeting they all encouraged me to write something. So I put my teaser in the video, sealing my fate that come 21st April 2011 I would be part of the Judgment Day Challenge and not just advertising it!

Apparently this video isn't viewable in some countries so follow this link and you can download your very own copy:

venice, i finally gave in and watched it

Remember when I was writing about my adventures at the Xena convention this year and I told you that I had that really odd reaction to seeing Crystal Chappell? Okay, the reaction was more fan girl squeeing, the odd part was that I'd never seen anything she's ever been in. When 'Guiding Light' fan fction became every other post over on the Passion Perfect live journal community I was close to begging ralst to put in a filter that would eliminate everything Otalia related from my browsing. So when Venice: The Series made its debut I wasn't at all interested in taking a look.

With friends that were die hard Crystal fans supporting her new project, and online associates impressed with what she was creating I couldn't avoid learning a little about it. So this is what I pieced together from scraps of conversations and chat logs, it may not be an accurate depiction of events but I think it's a nice way to see things.

Disappointed with how Guiding Light had left things with Olivia and Natalia and feeling that the fans had been ultimately let down by the shows conclusion Crystal made a plan. Teaming up with writer Kim Turrisi, and grabbing up co-star Jessica Leccia, she put the plan into action and Venice: The Series was born. Though they could never give the fans Olivia and Natalia again, through Gina and Ani the two actresses were able to share an intimacy that had been sorely missing from the daytime soap. She knew her audience and she knew what theybwanted to see. That was her first genius step.

Her second brilliant step was to make it a webseries. Bypassing any studio bosses and network executives who would deem the content inappropriate for their conforming reputations and demographic targets. Okay, maybe that's harsh, given that gay and lesbian characters are increasingly more visible, but shows like The L Word and Lip Service are still the in the minority. And then, of course, debuting a new series on the internet helps to keep down costs, seek out the right audience and can sometimes provide enough exposure for the networks to take notice, as in the case of Amanda Tapping's Sanctuary.

As a lesbian she had my respect for choosing to repay her loyal and dedicated fans with something that was for them. As an aspiring writer and creator of television series she had my total admiration. And so that is the reason I was so excited when she came on stage at the convention, the fact that she was incredibly entertaining in the play was an absolute bonus. But I still hadn't watched it!

Until this morning...

I acquired the first series last weekend but only managed to find the time to watch it just now and... I like it. I'm not a huge fan of American daytime soaps and since this series is essentially a child of that world, and shot sometimes in that style I was simply waiting for the part where someones evil twin turns up, locks their lover in a dungeon, before taking the town hostage at the church, finally falling from the spire and waking up out of a coma three years later with amnesia! But I was very pleased, pleasantly so, when Gina turned out to be just a regular woman who can never fully let go of the woman she loves but is too scared to fully commit to; that Ani struggles with wanting to get on with her life but never stops hoping that Gina will eventually come to her senses and realise that they belong together. I also adore Owen, and completely love aunt Guya. The characters are honest and flawed and that is what makes them so appealing to me.

It's not perfect. Sometimes I wish the writing was a little stronger, sometimes I wish the acting was more intense, and I definitely wish the episodes were longer. But it has got heart, not just the show but the community it has built. It's got potential, it's a learning experience for everyone involved. And I'm really looking forward to watching the second series... Anyone know where I can 'acquire' it?


the words, they're coming back to me

It is inevitable that when I get obsessed with a television series or a film or a book that I will start creating my own stories, and sometimes my own characters, within that universe. It first started with a prococious ensign newly assigned to the USS Enterprise during the unwritten eighth year of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Then a rogue psi corp telepath hiding out on Babylon 5 when it broke ties with Earth, and from the cannon universe that the audience were so used to. On to a rebelious slave girl who ran away with the Warrior Princess in search of adventure, but ended up teaching Xena a little something about herself like all good mentors did in the series. Then for a while my 'Mary Sue' characters disappeared. Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser didn't need my help when they faced their counterparts from a mirror universe and their feelings for one another. Nor did the Huntress and Oracle require my assistance as they battled the bad of New Gotham and their ever growing attraction to one another. And Sarah Connor already had her hands full with Cameron, and then the mysterious appearance of Allison, to be concerned with what I might be doing. But just recently I made a comeback in the new (as yet unwritten, unheard of and unlikely to be) Star Trek spin off series, as first officer of the Timeship Relativity. The character has a very hard job but somehow still manages to drop in on Voyager and play matchmaker with Captain Janeway and Seven and Nine. ('Has anyone seen Commander Chakotay? Is he alright?' 'He looked fine as I was shoving him out the airlock!')

The tales of my Starfleet ensign are boxed up somewhere in my attic, never to see the light of day again. My rogue telepath stories are told through thought and don't really get thought about anymore. The adventures of the Warrior Princess, minus the slave girl, can still be read, if you can find them online. But everything else, all the stories from my new obsessions, remain firmly locked away inside my head. I tell people it was because I didn't want to waste my time writing fan fiction when I should be concentrating on my own writing, but as I have done precious little original work in nearly five years I can only conclude that I've forgotten how to tell a story by writing words on a page. I can still spin a good yarn but getting it down in the written form seems to be somehow beyond my abilities these days.

But maybe not.

Recently I have been given the opportunity to see if those abilities can be revived. A request from a friend to help with a writing project has rekindled what I thought was long lost. Suddenly character and plot development are coming back to me as second nature; telling the story is exciting and terrifying; and working with another creative mind is inspiring. In the times between writing down ideas and sending them to my partner in crime and waiting for feedback I find myself jotting down scenes and dialogue for other projects, some for my own original works and some are based in those other universes that I talked about. Because fan fiction isn't a waste of time, it's a valuable exercise in telling a story that fits in with the cannon from which it came, in keeping the characters as true to the portrayals you see on the screen, but with just enough twist to make the adventure your own.

Stolen from ravurian . The 'quiz' for getting this was interesting. It wasn't so much a quiz as picking a word I liked against a word I didn't like so much. Sometimes I picked a particular word because I felt like it was more true to me, sometimes I chose the word because I liked how it sounded, and sometimes I picked the word because just thinking about it made me shiver. But I have to say that I quite liked the overall result; I completely agree with at least two of the phrases... the other two I'm not so sure about! But as to what I feel about which, I shall leave you to ponder dear reader!

Your rainbow is intensely shaded green, red, and white.

What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. People depend on you to make them feel secure.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.



one of my ideas - 'dark legacy'

Other than my abiding love and everlasting devotion to the tall, dark and deadly one and the short, fair and fiesty one my favourite character in Xena: Warrior Princess is Alti. I was terrified by her and excited by her at the same time, caught between being repulsed by her and attracted to her. She was manipulative, ruthless and viscious and I've always wanted to know why. I've wondered and speculated and formed theories and eventually it all seemed to create a story inside my head, one which I'll never have the chance to write. But if you ever see me at a convention it's a story that I will always be able to tell.

Dark Legacy is my telling of how a young Shamaness apprentice met a young Amazon princess and fell in love. But plagued by visions of a dark creature that would one day destroy her and all that she holds dear she did everything within her power to prevent it, not realising that her actions were turning her into the very creature she was trying to defeat.

Dark Legacy will never make it to a television screen near you, but if it did I'd like to imagine that when flicking through the TV Guide you might see one of these:




I think I'm going to like being 33. I'm not entirely sure why, but for the first time in a number of years I wasn't dreading another birthday.

This time last year I was in therapy; nothing too dramatic, I just needed some way of saying stuff out loud and hearing myself say it. I learnt two very important things about myself. Firstly, I've pretty much been handed everything to me on a silver platter - my money, my job, my house, I've never had to work for anything, I've never had to struggle, and I absolutely hate myself for it. Secondly, I expect a certain perfection from myself and if I don't achieve it first time I give up.

I've accepted that I was fortunate with my finances and property situation. I've come to respect the hard work and dedication that my parents and grandparents put into their lives in order to give to myself and my sister, and now try to demonstrate that gratitude in my own approach to my working life. Just this week at work I have been made the full time archivist, more hours and more money, all I have to do is not screw it up!

I once told a friend who was seeking perfection that it was an impossible task because it means different things to different people and you'll drive yourself crazy trying to live up to someone elses expectations. However, I have been driving myself crazy trying to live up to my own expectations. Over the last year I have pushed myself to complete projects even when I think they could be better. I can look at them and point out where I should have chosen a different clip, used a different word, tried a different idea, but I can live with it and know that I can try it a different way next time.

So I'm doing okay.


Today I unwrapped:

From Dean: A leather slip case for my beloved iPad and a replica of Dumbledore's wand (The Elderwand, I never wanted to get this wand because I didn't like the design, but then JK went and made it the most important wand in the series!)

From Parental Units: Money (It may have to be spent on Voldamort's wand, to complete my collection, oh but then I need to get Bellatrix's... damn!)

From Katie: The Social Network on DVD (I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed this movie, I hope it's as good at ground level as it was 35,000 feet over the Atlantic) and The Switch (should I worry when my girlfriend gets me a film with someone from my 'freebie' list on it? There's just something amusing about Juliette Lewis waving around a turkey baster!)

From Kirsty: She made me a birthday card, I was expecting glitter and macaroni, but I got Sarah Connor and Cameron Phillips wishing me a Happy Birthday... I love it, I need to photograph it.